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Introducing Imogen Eve

We are very happy to welcome Imogen Eve as our new musician/researcher as part of the Artful Participation team, the research centre AOK and the MCICM.

Imogen Eve is a creative director/designer and artistic researcher in the performing arts – specialising in the innovation of classical music through curatorial practices. As a director/designer, Imogen blends her formative training as a musician and an actor to create immersive and interactive storytelling experiences through live music performance.

Imogen trained as a classical violinist and went on to study at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music (2009-2013) and at the Australian National Academy of Music (2014) whilst simultaneously working within theatre as both an actor and a creative director. In 2012 she founded The Painted Feet Orchestra, an interdisciplinary performance collective, and directed their productions in the 2012 Anywhere Theatre Festival (AUS) and the 2013 Music by the Sea Festival (AUS). From 2013 – 2015, Imogen worked in collaboration as a creative director of the Deep Blue Orchestra (AUS) for their production of India Stories in the Woodford Folk Festival and at the Brisbane Powerhouse. As an independent music director, Imogen worked with Fractal Theatre Company (AUS) on Secret Love Life of Ophelia in 2012 and The Shakespeare Theatre Company (AUS) on Mary Stuart in 2013.

In 2018 obtained her master diploma at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague specialising in the innovation of classical music through curatorial practices. Imogen is now based in the Netherlands and engages in freelance curatorial projects. Most recently, she developed and designed an interactive music installation titled Resta di Darmi for the Holland Festival 2018 in collaboration with composer Siamak Anvari. Since September 2018, Imogen has been working in the Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music (MCICM) as an artistic researcher and teacher for the Artful Participation Research Project. Together in collaboration with the project team, Imogen will develop research experiments in the form of music performance platforms that aim innovate symphonic music through audience participation. In particular her position is as a creative designer – engaging the tools from her background in classical music performance to craft the research trajectory of the project through artistic practice. Alongside this, Imogen gives workshop lectures (Participatory Practices in 21st Century Western Art Music) and artistic research guidance for Master students at the Conservatory of Music in Maastricht.