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Expert Meeting: Productive Borders – Border Encyclopaedia

Looking closely at maps of border regions and more specific of the Euregion Meuse-Rhine, only simple lines cover the complexity, diversity and constant shifting character of the inner border of the EU member states and of the border regions. Border Encyclopaedia is an attempt to generate alternatives and more rich opportunities for the lines that are normally used on maps to represent borders.

This expert meeting will (literally) take place within the context of an exhibition and work-in-progress: in the preceding and following days, Dear Hunter will work on their 25m2 map of the Euregion Meuse-Rhine, that will take a central place within the Open Space. Besides, the works that have been produced within the project Border Encyclopaedia will be on display, to be completed with the maps contributed by the invited experts (see: Preparatory matters).

 Key ambitions

This expert meeting is a kick-off: the first gathering of dedicated experts around the project that we hope will take part in contributing valuable insights out of their own fields of expertise. We are convinced your contribution in this select group of people will be challenging and valuable for the project because of your expertise as an individual and the pluriformity of the ‘panel’ as a whole. This day can be regarded as an introduction to the project and to each other, but also as an attempt to define how we can develop a structural collaboration and long-time involvement throughout the project itself.

To be able to share different practices dealing with borders;

To generate new insights for the Border Encyclopaedia;

To start up a conversation about ‘border mapping’ and build a genuine network.