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Mahler am Tisch

The first experiment of our Artful Participation-project is coming up: Mahler am Tisch!

Between November 19 and 23 special concerts will pop-up in café Forum and Café Tribunal in Maastricht. Three different ensembles will play unique pieces of music, inspired by Gustav Mahler’s folk roots. Different music each night, especially made for the occasion. Walk in, take a chair and engage with Mahler am Tisch!

Data / dates:

19-11 @Cafe Forum, 17h-19h

20-11 @Cafe Forum, 17h-19h

21-11 @Cafe Tribunal 17h-19h

23-11 @Cafe Tribunal, 18h-20h

Free entrance / gratis.

Maastricht Center for the Innovation of Classical Music