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Presentation at DIS_SEMINAR exposium art ≈ research, September 13th

This Friday, the research team of the Artful Participation project of the MCICM – Imogen Even, Veerle Spronck & Ties van de Werff – will do an experiment during the ‘exposium’ artistic research, organised by art ≈ research (kunst ≈ onderzoek), at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. The ‘exposium’ is a symposium and exhibition about and with alternative forms of dissemination of artistic research Check the program here, and see below for the abstract of the workshop.

Listen! Valuating Classical Music Differently
interactive, multi-person sounding experiment-workshop
by Imogen Eve, Veerle Spronck and Ties van de Werff

How can classical music matter? To attribute value to classical music is a basic yet vital form of audience participation. However, many listeners experience uneasiness when evaluating classical music. How can we meaningfully share our thoughts and feelings about the sounds we hear? In this presentation, we will experiment with different ways of becoming an evaluator of classical music.

Maastricht Centre for Innovation of Classical Music: a collaboration of: Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy & the Public Sphere & Conservatorium Maastricht (Zuyd Hogeschool), Maastricht University (UM) and The South Netherlands Philharmonic In our research project, we collaborate with a symphonic orchestra by designing experimental concerts. The dissemination of our artistic research is not a separate stage in the research process, but is an integral part of it. How to learn from collaborative attempts of orchestras and researchers as fellow-experimenters? By sharing our experimental approach in the context of artistic research, we aim to make some of our collaborative learning explicit.