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Workshop and Award Ceremony Thesis Prize 2019

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Award Ceremony

Thesis Prize / Scriptiekunst 2019
Herdenkingsplein Maastricht
Tuesday, 26 November 2019

14.00 till 16.30 Workshops for teachers and students: how to deal with a thesis/research in the arts?
* Marcel van der Klink
Looking under the surface: Hey student and supervisor, what is in it for you?
 Writing a thesis is a complex and demanding task for students and their supervisors. In this workshop we explore the (hidden) value of the thesis for students and teachers who perform the role of supervisor.  This workshop is for thesis supervisors. Two topics are central in this workshop.  How does your supervising of the thesis contribute to your own development as teacher and artistic professional.  And what is it that you really want that your students learn in their process of composing the thesis? Marcel van der Klink is head of the professorship ‘Professionalising Education’ at ZUYD.
* Jasper Coppes
Within the context of an art academy, writing a thesis can be a creative process in itself. 
But how does a thesis become an convincing document? How do we build strong arguments 
and engage with the reader in a personal way? How do we turn our broad interests into concerns and forms of affect? These are the questions that Jasper Coppes will address in his workshop. He will facilitate a discussion in which participants learn to ask effective questions and investigate them collectively; in order to think beyond the boundaries of our individual minds. 
 Jasper Coppes (NL, 1983) is an artist and writer based in Amsterdam. His practice spans from making films, to installations and writing books. ‘Indentations’ (launched at Galerie van Gelder) and ‘Flow country’ (launched at the CCA in Glasgow) are recent examples. Coppes teaches at the Master Artistic Research in The Hague and at the TXT department of the Rietveld academy, where he guides students in the process of writing BA and MA theses. 

17.00h Award Ceremony

(Nederlandse tekst hierboven)
Thesis prize

Both research centres within the Faculty of the Arts have taken the initiative of organising a contest for the best thesis or documentation of work.
The contest is aimed at both bachelor- and master students.

On this site, you can find information about the contest for the best thesis and/or documentation of work, which will be organised annually by the Faculty of Arts. The aim is to stimulate an original and inspiring approach to theses within the Faculty of Arts of Zuyd. In this way, we also create a point of reference for students and lecturers within the Faculty to find inspiring examples of theses within the bachelor- and master programmes. Apart from the regular thesis, a critical reflection on or documentation of work can also be submitted.

All submissions will be tested for thoroughness, originality and diversity of approach. The jury will consist of professionals and artists from within and outside of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.

A maximum of 5 participants will win an iPad of some 500 euro!

You can submit your thesis or documentation on your own initiative.
The next deadline for submission is: July 15th 2020 (at 23u59) – for theses/documentations created in the school year 2019-20.
Also documents describing the may you make your art (in progress or not) can be submitted.

Afgelopen jaar werden tijdens het WINTER NIGHTS festival de winnaars van de prijs voor de beste scriptie binnen de Kunsten Zuyd uitgereikt.
De uitreiking vond plaats op zaterdag 22 dec. 2018 om 18u aan de Kunstfront Maastricht
In 2018, we received 24 submissions for the thesis prize.
The jury consisted of:

Jasper Coppes, Anne Geene, Marcel van der Klink, Peter Missotten, Arjan de Nooy, en Ruth Benschop
Some general impressions about this year’s entries. Overall, the diversity in form and content of these theses is a real inspiration. Some of them are extremely well designed, some of them are maddeningly thorough, some look deeply at important issues, some are a nice-read or are great to expose on a coffee table. This diversity is what this contest is about. We hope that both our critical remarks as the winning theses are a welcoming inspiration for young artists.

This year, four thesis prizes of the Faculty of the Arts, Zuyd, year 2017-2018 are awarded (in alphabetical order):

Irini Birliba –
Grafting Memory: The phenomenology of memory between space and individual

Feya Foppen –
Het geschreven woord: een wonderbaarlijke onvolmaaktheid.

Sarah Gluschitz –
Corpse in the Copse: human taphonomy and disarticulation of the skeleton in 2d and 3d for archaeological applications

Ayisha Siddiqi –
Mijn Bollywood droom.

De winnende scripties van 2018 en het jury rapport staan hier.


This contest is an initiative of the Professorships at Arts Faculty Maastricht, Ruth Benschop and Peter Missotten.
Programmamanager Onderzoek: Ghislaine Boere