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Are you curious about developments in biotechnology?
Would you like to contribute to it as an artist?
Do you care about the ethical, social and scientific implications of biotechnology?
Do you have the guts to play with new biomolecular life forms?

In this new research studio Designing Life/Designing Dialogue, we will engage with the controversial P. Putida, the first engineered and patented living organism. Using methods of theatre and performance, flanked by hands-on skills of artistic research, you will figure out ways to artistically
engage with this infamous microbe. Through thinking-through-making, prototyping, performing, reflecting, discussing, and sharing, we aim to stage a new dialogue between scientists, artists, and of course, microbes…

The iArts-course is open to all students of the Arts bachelor programs of ZUYD. The course runs from February 10 to April 26 2020, teaching days are on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays. For more information, you can contact nina.willems[at]zuyd.nl or ties.vandewerff[at]zuyd.nl.

You can register by contacting anne.manders[at]zuyd.nl. Deadline for registration is January 17.