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summer course: Roeterseiland narratives


In the winter of 2019, in a tiny house on Roeterseiland, Dear Hunter conducted a cartopological investigation into the fortunes of the users of the Campus. How do students make use of the facilities, where do employees leave their belongings when they go from A to B? Do local residents use the lawn? Does the campus work as it was once intended at the time of its design?

However, this research took place in winter. A time when people move quickly from one warm place to another. A time when they want to leave the cold and close the door behind them.

In this three-day carthopology (cartography and anthropology) course you will work with Dear Hunter to see what the situation is in summer, and you will contribute to an update and addition to previous research. What has changed? Which conclusions were wrong? Are buildings and outdoor areas used very differently in summer? The current COVID-19 crisis and the impact it has on the use of (public) space, makes this even more interestig than ever!
You will do a lot of ‘fieldwork’ (participant observation), and you will also learn the skills to literally make maps, using maps that are already available (including those from the previous research) to put them to your own hand using collage techniques.

Eventually you end up with one (or more) map(s), created with a lot of observing, documenting and interpreting.

This is a hybrid course. Click here for more information.