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Kenniskring January 18th: Flesh and wood together: Cellists and their cellos, by Denise Petzold

The Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy and Public Sphere presents a gathering around the subject:

Flesh and wood together: Cellists and their cellos
by Denise Petzold.

As an amateur cellist, I have a special relationship to my cello. Unfortunately, most of the academic research into music making does not take this into account: physical as well as emotional attachments to one’s own instrument are often neglected or uncared for. Together with you, I would like to think about what the relationships between musicians and their instruments can teach us about music making, tradition, and craftsmanship.

To do so, I would like you to prepare this research meeting by reading a first draft of a chapter I am writing for my PhD thesis on this issue. The text is quite long, so don’t worry if you can’t read it all (although I would, of course, be delighted!).

During the meeting, I look forward to hearing your feedback specifically about the theoretical perspective I try to develop. You can find this mainly in the second section of the chapter, as well as picked up in the following empirical sections. I would also like to discuss with you the possible implications of my argument for the arts, and particularly, for music education.

Looking forward to seeing you on
18 January 2022 15:00 – 17:00, ONLINE
Please let ghislaine.boere@zuyd.nl know if you are planning to attend before 11 January 2022. She will then send you the chapter so you can read it beforehand. And she will send you the link of the meeting.