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MCICM Seminar – guest speaker Sam Weller

The Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music would like to invite you to our April seminar where Sam Weller will give a presentation titled ‘Blow it Up, Start Again.’ A short abstract and bio of the speaker is below. The seminar will be digital and will take place on Thursday 14 April 2022 from 11:00 to 13:00. To receive the Zoom link please email mcicm-fasos@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

Blow it Up, Start Again. 

The death of classical music is perhaps the oldest continuing tradition. By now we are all too familiar with Charles Rosen’s quip – but why haven’t we done anything about it? Throughout this presentation I paint a picture of the current climate surrounding orchestral programming with new, young audiences in mind. We will take a look at the varying degrees of success organisations have had implementing ‘new audience initiatives‘ and also uncover some strategies that orchestral organisations can use in fostering new, dedicated young audiences.

Sam Weller is an Australian-born conductor. He is currently enrolled in the prestigious National Master in Orchestral Conducting offered jointly by Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Koninklijk Conservatoire Den Haag under Jac Van Steen, Ed Spanjaard and Kenneth Montgomery. Sam is the founding artistic and music director of Ensemble Apex which is dedicated to creating exceptional orchestral concert experiences in Sydney.

More info: www.samwellerconductor.com


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