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Three-day-writing retreat / Schrijf-driedaagse 2022 – ‘How others Write’

What does it mean to write?
How is writing research?
What can writing give you, as an art student, an artistic researcher or teacher? The writing retreat offers you three days of writing alone together.
Time to develop a writing style that fits your practice.
To learn from and with others.
To work on your own writing project.

Work together with:
Ruth Benschop, lector of AOK and interested in artistic research methods in which systematic sensitivity for the world is fundamental and Hugh Raffles, Professor of Anthropology at The New School for Social Research in New York. His work is a sustained ethnographic exploration of relations between humans, animals, and things. Also other researchers, artists and other fellow- writers related to the research centre will offer a sneak peek in their writing practice.

15, 16 and 17 March 2022
9:00 – 17:00
Live at Herdenkingsplein 12, Maastricht (more practical info and program will follow after registration)

Please register before March the 8th via: aok@zuyd.nl

Open for all and free of charge, however registration is necessary and places are limited.

What does it mean to write? What does it mean to sit down, and put your thoughts onto paper? What can writing give you, as an art student, an artistic researcher or teacher? Perhaps you are working on documentation, on your thesis, an essay, an article, a blog or a report. Or writing is something you do as part of your artistic practice or research. Maybe

you are writing poetry, lyrics, a libretto or a play. Or you could be trying something in between these categories. Whether you are an experienced writer or a novice trying to find out what writing could do for you: our writing retreat gives you the opportunity to write alone together. As participant, we offer you both support in the act of writing as well as shaping the conditions for it through. This year the retreat is focused on learning to write from and with others.

Writing does not come naturally. Skill, patience and dedication are required. It can be a difficult and nagging process. But sometimes it suddenly flows, your fingers can’t keep up with the typing or the pen. A writing practice is personal and constantly evolving. However, it can be very valuable to take a peek next door at someone else’s writing experiences. In doing so, you can learn more about your own writing strategies.

Researchers connected to the research center AOK open up their writing practice as a research practice and share their own writing exercises, strategies and conditions in the form of exercises for a heterogenous group of participating students, teachers and researchers.

Each day we will visit a different researcher who will share their personal writing practice with us and ask us to engage. You will bring your own writing assignments or work but be challenged to work with them based on a different writing practice.