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Productive Borders: Artistic Research of Everyday Border Practices – Item

The still on-going project is a collaboration between the research centre, Het Laagland (a theatre-company in Sittard) and Het Nieuwstedelijk (a theatre-company in Belgium). The project has two aims: 1) artistic research of everyday border conduct and 2) practical experimentation of cultural institutions with over-the-border collaborations. The three parties will cooperate over a variety of (hard and soft, national and cultural) borders and thus gain insights in practice into such collaborations. At the same time, artistic research will be conducted about the issue of borders. The project is practice-based action-research in which artistic research is developed in situ and the local specificity of knowledge is taken seriously. It does not presuppose positive results of cultural activities, but rather takes the question what relevant roles cultural actors might develop within the Euregion as a starting point. The research will be accompanied by workshops, conferences, courses and other forms of transfer and dissemination.