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The hunting world around the S.M.m.m.R.I. (Sea Monster map making Research Instrument) – Marlies Vermeulen

The S.M.m.m.R.I. (Sea Monster map making Research Instrument) has been invented by the IoC (Institute of
Calibration). This initiative of Dear Hunter is a nomadic institute that reflects upon artistic research methods in
collaboration with experts and students from various universities. To gain a perspective on artistic research
practice, and more precisely Dear Hunter’s practice, the IoC uses the metaphor of the research instrument. We
approach artistic research practice as a space in which the artist develops a methodology of her own: the artist as
research instrument. The IoC focusses on processes that occur by exercise and operation of existing instruments
and on the creation of new ones. In doing so, the IoC aims at creating a better awareness and understanding of
one’s research skills and to position oneselves more accurate within their profession. Externalising my practice and becoming aware of that process as a research instrument makes it possible to come up with those questions and to talk about my artistic practice in a quite organic way. I can, as it were, see my own artistic practice, draw it and describe it within the metaphor of a research instrument. Whether it is used to understand spatial issues or more abstract processes I use the act
of mapping through intensive analogue drawing: to understand, reflect and debate upon the mapped subject.