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Explorative writing as an architect’s tool – Remy Kroese

How relevant is writing for nowadays’ architects or architecture students? What could be the role of writing and text in a design process, beyond being solely a representation of – or explanation for – a design or an image in general? Can ‘explorative writing’ lead to interpretations of a site, concepts and/or architectural proposals that were unthinkable without a metaphorical building with words or construction of narratives? Remy Kroese – as architect himself inspired by the words, descriptions and poems of Francis Ponge and John Hejduk – explores the role and potential of text within architectural practice and education in the Maastricht Master of Interior Architecture. The aim of this one-year research project is to find opportunities for implementing – and stronger embedding – writing within the curriculum and within the architectural field. Remy Kroese is an architect, researcher and writer for Dear Hunter.