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Program MCICM symposium ‘Fail Better: Sharing Challenges and Learning in Classical Music Innovation’ now online

‘Fail Better’: Sharing Challenges in Classical Music Innovation
Maastricht 27–28 March 2020

Innovation in classical music is happening all around us, driven by individuals and organizations throughout the globe. Although we tend to share our successes, there are few spaces to reflect on the risks and challenges that we encounter in innovative practices. After a call for innovative projects to practitioners, music educators, industry figures and academics, we are delighted to present out symposium programme.

The second MCICM symposium invites delegates from the professional and amateur music sector, classical music industry, music education, and academic and artistic research on musical performance and audience engagement to discuss the central theme of learning through facing challenges, even ‘failure’.

We hope that through discussion of how obstacles create learning the symposium will stimulate a supportive and fruitful dialogue in order to better understand what ingredients lead to successful innovation in classical music.

For the full updated programme and practical information about travel and accommodations, please visit the event website at www.mcicm.nl.