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Sign up for new elective research studio: [ART]ificial Intelligence

Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy & the Public Sphere, iArts and Research Centre Technology Driven Art present:


[Art]ificial Intelligence

new elective course open for all arts students of ZUYD


Are you curious about the ways artificial intelligence and algorithms affect our lives?

Do you want to contribute as an artist to debates about these emerging technologies?

And do you have the guts to embark on unfamiliar terrain?


Then join this exciting course!

Our lives are increasingly datafied. Algorithms collect our clicks to personalize our online experiences. Extensive Facebook-profiles predict what interests we will have next, while deepfakes on Twitter problematize the distinction between fake and real images and videos. When we do go out on the street, ‘smart’ cameras track our movements in order to prevent criminal behavior.

Artificial intelligence and ‘smart’ algorithms shape the way we live in our digital society. How can we as artists and makers engage with such technoscientific topics? How can we contribute to the lively debate around AI in a meaningful way? Using methods of artistic research, digital storytelling and theatre performance, we explore how we can engage with algorithms from an artistic perspective.

The course includes workshops, guest lecturers, artist talks, digital experiments, and it provides you with an inspiring interdisciplinary environment with students and teachers from different artistic and scientific disciplines. The iArts-course [Art]ificial Intelligence is open to all students of the arts bachelors of ZUYD. The course runs from February 8 to April 24 2021, teaching days are on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays. Places are limited to 15 students. You can register by sending an email with a short motivation (300 words) to ties.vandewerff@zuyd.nl. Deadline for registration is January 10.

Key words:

artistic engagement – artistic research – performative methods
digital storytelling – societal dialogue – emerging science & tech

[Art]ificial Intelligence is a research studio, developed by the research centre for Arts, Autonomy & the Public Sphere and iArts.