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Symposium: Artistic Research Ethics

During the symposium Artistic Research Ethics, the team of the research centre works on topics dealing with research ethics, such as quality, research integrity, and cultivating an open research climate. What makes an artistic research project good? What characterizes a good artistic researcher? How can the five research virtues of the widely adopted integrity code be applied and translated to practices of artistic research? What (other) specific issues emerge in artistic research projects? And to what extent does our specific Maastricht-style of artistic research (with a focus on reflexivity, methods-in-the-making, the substantive detour, collaboration, interdisciplinarity and local embeddedness), come with specific attitudes, virtues, or ideas of quality? During the symposium, we reflect on these issues, share our own experiences with challenging situations in (teaching) artistic research, and work together on an instrument for evaluating artistic research practices.