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New publication: Dialogues between Artistic Research and Science and Technology Studies

A new, interesting book just got published at Routledge: Dialogues between Artistic Research and Science and Technology Studies, edited by Henk Borgdorff, Peter Peters, and Trevor Pinch.

This edited volume maps dialogues between science and technology studies research on the arts and the emerging field of artistic research. The main themes in the book are an advanced understanding of discursivity and reasoning in arts-based research, the methodological relevance of material practices and things, and innovative ways of connecting, staging, and publishing research in art and academia. This book touches on topics including studies of artistic practices; reflexive practitioners at the boundaries between the arts, science, and technology; non-propositional forms of reasoning; unconventional (arts-based) research methods and enhanced modes of presentation and publication.

Ruth Benschop wrote a chapter on our Maastricht-style of artistic research, titled “A Thought Experiment on Artistic Research as High Risk Ethnography”. The book can be ordered here.